Benefits of Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries

As we start to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors this Spring after another Winter season, we may also be more prone to sports injuries. Perhaps having not done much exercising over the last few months, our bodies are not prepared for strenuous physical activity right away. It’s time to do some warmups, gentle stretches, and see your Registered Massage Therapist to prepare your body, so you can really make the best of this season while finally getting some sunshine!

It’s no secret that regular massage therapy can help improve your performance and prevent re-injury, no matter what your favorite sport is: tennis, golfing, mountain biking, marathon running, you name it! Registered Massage Therapy is unique in because it can be specifically targeted to help heal soft tissue trauma, such as that which is common to a sports injury, and assist the body’s natural healing for recovery. If you’re searching for an RMT clinic in Vancouver to help maintain your flexibility and body’s range of motion, consider our Registered Massage Therapists who have the training and experience needed to effectively address a variety of sports-related injuries.

Sports Injuries and the Benefits of Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is one of the most effective methods for sports injury rehabilitation with a qualified RMT. Reducing recovery time means missing less games and practice sessions. Sports injury’s are common for many athletes who are in the process of conditioning, and regular massage therapy will speed up the body’s natural healing processes by restoring blood flow which in turn carries the oxygen and cell nutrition necessary for rehabilitation. It’s during this time that our Vancouver RMT’s are especially beneficial for both professional and amateur athletes.

Competitive Team Sports Injury Prevention

Therapeutic Massage doesn’t only apply to injuries that have already occurred; it can also be used to reduce the future incidence of injury, which is especially important for competitive team sports. Often, sports teams cannot afford to have any of their players absent due to injury. When the success of a team relies upon the physical wellness of a few of its key athletes, every minute of their play time counts. Prevent re-injury and don’t let your teammates down, seek the help of our Registered Massage Therapy providers in the heart of Vancouver before your next competitive sports event. With the experience of specifically administering pre-event massage therapy, our RMT’s deep tissue massage releases fluids and tension deep within the muscles. Pre-event massage is used to relax and balance the musculature, which reduces the risk of injury during strenuous activity that can occur due to overly tight muscles. This type of preventative massage has become an indispensable tool for professional sports teams and has been increasingly added to the pre-game regimens of many non-professional teams.

Promote Healing of Sprains and Strains due to running with Registered Massage Therapy

Runners contend with a unique set of injuries, which are typically associated with overuse and the repetitive movement required by the sport. Strains and sprains in ankles which are especially common amongst this group of athletes. For example, Achilles tendonitis is frequently experienced by runners at all levels and is an injury that is normally very slow to heal because the Achilles tendon receives limited blood flow which Massage Therapy can stimulate. An RMT will be able to loosen the calf muscles and release the mobility-restricting adhesions that would otherwise further impede recovery. Yet another injury relatively common to runners known as “Runner’s Knee”, can lead to significant strain and is due to muscular imbalances throughout the lower body. A qualified RMT can help rebalance those muscles and reduce the incidence of Runner’s Knee and the potential for further injury. If you’re experiencing conditions such as these, you can trust our therapists’ experience in helping to treat running related injuries so you can get back on your feet.

Visiting a massage therapist on a regular basis keeps your muscles relaxed and flexible while reducing the odds of experiencing an injury. No matter what sport you play, you can depend on any one of our qualified Registered Massage Therapists at Serene Massage Clinic to help you stay on top of your game.