RMT Rates

Registered Massage Therapy Fee Schedule

The Registered Massage Therapists at Serene Massage Clinic have years of training in diverse types of treatment techniques and massage therapy.

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Current Pricing includes GST

Duration: 45 minutes

Current Pricing: $95.00

Duration: 60 minutes

Current Pricing: $115.00

Duration: 90 minutes

Current Pricing: $165.00


We accept cash, cheque and visa
24 hour notice for cancellation. 
Most Extended Health Plans cover massage therapy.
M.D. referral may be required. 

The Medical Services Plan pays $23 per massage therapy visit for a maximum of 10 appointments/ year for those on premium assistance only.

*No Doctor referral required.

Many extended health plans offer partial or full reimbursements for Registered Massage Therapy. Consult your plan to see if a Doctor referral for Massage Therapy is required.